Fahrenheit 451 – A World Close to Home?

ESL 301 Spring 2016 Essay 4


Fahrenheit 451 – A World Close to Home?

Although the dystopia in Fahrenheit 451 is fictional, in many ways it parallels (is very similar to), perhaps to a lesser extent, some societies today. In an academic essay, choose a modern society (either here in the U.S., your native country, or another country) and write an essay in which your compare the similarities between the fictional, future world of Fahrenheit 451 and the current real world of your country of choice. In your comparison, consider the following:

· In what different aspects are these two societies similar? Think about specific areas, such as war, technology, social/people interaction, censorship, communication, family lifestyles, work lifestyles, authority, power, government propaganda, freedom, education, concept of happiness, and others.

· What specific details used in the book can represent current technology, ideas, philosophy, government, etc in your current society?

· What passages (quotes) from the novel ring true (have current meaning in today’s society) or perhaps are still somewhat true today?

· You are writing a comparison essay, not a comparison and contrast essay. Therefore, you should be only analyzing similarities (comparisons), not differences (contrasts).

· This is not a summary of Fahrenheit 451, so don’t focus too much on plot. Focus on the distinct specific areas that are similar to each society. These areas may not be at first obvious to the reader; it is your job to make the connections for him/her.

· The more specific your analysis is, the more powerful your comparison will be.

· For your conclusion, consider why writing such a comparison is important. What does your analysis warn about our own society/future? Why is such a comparison helpful?


· Essay format – Intro with thesis, Body Paragraphs, and Conclusion

· Essay Length: 3-4 pages, MLA format

· Use of at least three passages from Fahrenheit 451 (think of our quote sandwich strategies)

· LAC conference with an ESL instructor.

· Check the attached rubric so you understand how you will be graded.

· Essay must be upload to Turn It In through blackboard

Due Dates:

May 3rd, Tuesday Thesis due – print out three copies of your thesis
May 5th, Thursday Introduction due – print out three copies of your introduction and bring to class
May 10th, Tuesday Rough Draft due upload to Turn It In via Blackboard
May 19th, Thursday Final Draft due – upload to Turn It In via Blackboard

Fahrenheit 451 – A World Close to Home? Rubric



The essay has a well-focused thesis (claim) that clearly states how the society of Fahrenheit 451 compares with the writer’s country/society of choice. This thesis will provide a “snapshot” of what the essay will be about and will provide an overall focus for the paper.
20 The writer shows sufficient background information to support this thesis. The writer uses details and analysis to show the reader how the two societies are similar.
15 The writer makes use at least three passages from Fahrenheit 451 that specifically help show how/why both societies are similar. The quotes are well-integrated and are properly introduced, explained, and analyzed.
40 Total for content
5 The introduction paragraph captures the reader’s attention, introduces Ray Bradbury and the dystopia of Fahrenheit 451, and ends with the writer’s thesis.
10 The essay shows clear and effective organization and has clear idea progression and relationship between paragraphs. The writer uses a clear point by point analysis or block format to compare the two different societies.
10 The essay is coherent: ideas are connected and the writer uses appropriate inter- and intra- paragraph transitions which allows the reader to smoothly move from one idea to the next.
5 The concluding paragraph readdresses the thesis nicely but does not exactly repeat it. The writer also suggests what implications this comparison has on our modern society or what we should be careful of in the future.
30 Total for organization
15 The essay has sophisticated, well chosen sentence structure with limited grammatical errors. The language errors do not interfere with the reader’s ability to understand the writer’s meaning; there is strong evidence of language control and careful editing
10 The essay uses comparison language effectively

25 Total for grammar/language
Format/Writing Process
3 The writer wrote a well-developed draft to rough draft work session on May 12th. The final draft reflects careful consideration and adjustment from the 1st draft.
2 Effective use of MLA format
5 Total for format & writing process.



Total points

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