Establishing the Non-Profit Organization

Establishing the Non-Profit Organization

The name of the non-profit organization is “One World” and it symbolizes the world as a single entity that carries everyone and treats them equally. In retrospect, the world has become full of inhumane behaviors, habits and devoid of values that create the boundaries needed for peaceful co-existence. The fundamental reason for the establishment of One World is to cater for orphans, who are a vulnerable population across the entire world. It is an organization that will take care of orphans that are infants up to 24 years. The rationale is to create a place of comfort for orphans who lack family or guardians to take care of them.

The mission statement for the organization is “Human service is the highest form of compassion in a world of social and economic imbalances” and this goes to describe the principal aim that the organization in ensuring that orphans between the ages mentioned received ample and rightful care. There are many vices in the world that affect this vulnerable population and they include drugs, alcohol, and substance abuse as well as prostitution, robbery and early pregnancy among others.

The headquarters of the organization will be in California, U.S and the expansion plan will ensure that three organizational premises are constructed in every state. The plan is to have state organizations in different counties that have high numbers of affected orphans (Foley, 2009). It is a rehabilitative and educational approach that the organization stands on to cater for the populations.

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