Enhancing Readability through Document Design

Enhancing Readability through Document Design

2/21/18, 11:19 AMAplia: Student Question

Enhancing Readability
Enhancing Readability

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4. Enhancing Readability through Document Design

When you compose a message, you want your audience to find the information it needs quickly and to understand it. Your message should be easy to

read and comprehend.

Strategic use of white space improves document readability. Which of the following techniques employ white space? Check all that apply.

Margins determine the reading area of a document.

Complete the following sentence about margins and alignment with the best choices.

Nearly all text in Western cultures is aligned at the , and the right margin may be .

Typeface, font, and size influence how your message is read.

Review the selection, and determine whether the following statement about typeface and font is true or false.

A WIDE variety of typefaces are available for business writers. Different typefaces suggest different purposes and occasions.

True or False: Boldface, italics, and underlining are effective ways of drawing attention to specific words and phrases.

Headings are important for visual impact and readability. Which of the following sentences about headings are true? Check all that apply.

Read the following sentence, and determine which technique is most applicable to improve its readability.

Using justified alignment

Breaking paragraphs into shorter chunks

Using all caps

Using a serif typeface



Headings should not be used in formal documents.

Headings increase the skim value of a message.

Headings often appear in business reports.



2/21/18, 11:19 AMAplia: Student Question

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The letters you send to clients must be precise, stated with clarity, and utilize an economy of language.

Eliminating compound prepositions

Developing parallelism for balance

Using numbered or bulleted lists

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