Discussion Reply to Julian Richmond

Discussion Reply to Julian Richmond

Individuals make the decision to start going to the gym for various reasons such as to live a healthier lifestyle, to lose fat and gain muscle, or in some cases it is required by their job to be in certain weight classes. In few cases, exercising in therapy and assists with depression and anxiety. Whatever the case may be there is always a starting line for everyone. Powerlifting and weight training is a sport that fits all the above needs but over the years, it has received a bad reputation from people outside of the community. Nowadays, everyone is swallowed up by social media platforms making our youth think they can start weight training and in the blink of an eye, can have the physique of their favorite body builder. Some individuals want to rush into powerlifting and weight training without learning the fundamentals which can be detrimental to the body. To learn, comprehend, and execute the sport takes much time and patience.

Thesis: Injuries in powerlifting and weight training are taxing to the human body and can be prevented by informing athletes on proper form, nutrition, and recovery techniques.




Reply to Jihum Kim

Paragraph: Legislature in the United States government – especially the senate – has a great amount of power from approving supreme court justices, secretary of executive branches, approve treaties with foreign governments, and finally passing a law. However, under the senate rule, each senator can withhold or prevent the bill from being passed by almost abusing the filibuster and hold rule; these two rules stated under the senate create an opportunity for the senators to have an infinite amount of time for a debate and prevent the voting from taking place to pass a bill. This is problematic because filibusters and holds prevent congress from passing any bills and sending them to the president. To create an effective legislature that can meet people’s needs, creating a reform to rules by limiting the amount in which senators can debate is important for the effective representation of people and democracy.

Thesis: Because of the inefficiency created in the Senate, changing the rule of the senatorial filibuster and hold by creating a time limit is important to create an efficient legislature.

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