Differential diagnosis

Differential diagnosis: Put 3 and explain

PLAN: Metformin 500 mg one tablet daily in addition to daily style modifications. This dose can be increased to twice daily as needed or as tolerated every 1 o 2 weeks, until a maximum of 2 grams daily.

Hydrochlorothiazide (thiazide diuretic) 1 tablet daily added to the treatment for HTN to better control.


Labs and Diagnostic Test to be ordered:


· Complete blood count (CBC)

· Lipid profile

· Liver function test (because the metformin requires routine monitoring)

· Serum creatinine

· Potassium because the ACE inhibitors requires monitoring of electrolytes

· Urinalysis with Micro

· Electrocardiogram (EKG 12 lead)

· Urine to monitor ketone and glucose

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