Dianna Booher, author, Creating Personal Presence

Dianna Booher, author, Creating Personal Presence

“The Leadership Challenge has gone from being a revelation to a standard to a classic. It is now the defining book on leadership for our time, and there is not a business, government, academic, or military leader in the developed world who, consciously or not, has not been taught its lessons.”

—Mike Malone, associate fellow at Said Business School (Oxford); author, Bill & Dave

“When Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner write on leadership, all of us had better pay attention. The fifth edition of The Leadership Challenge will quickly become a classic. Stop what you are doing and start reading, leading, and achieving.”

—Pat Williams, senior vice president, Orlando Magic; author, Leadership Excellence

“The Leadership Challenge includes real-life stories of globally diverse and inclusive people sharing their personal leadership challenges and learnings. From these real- life stories and the authors’ extensive fact-based research, Jim and Barry challenge each of us to continually improve our leadership skills and inspire others to do the same, and give us the formula to do just that. This book is as close to the bible on leadership as you will find. From business person to family person anywhere in the world, it has lessons on leadership for all.”

—Stephen Almassy, global vice chair, OCA/Industry, Ernst & Young Global Limited

“For the last twenty years, I have been lucky enough to have worked with some of the world’s best mentors in the field of leadership development. Very few, I have discovered, are equally comfortable in both the ivory tower and corporate board- room. Jim and Barry have found the sweet spot and showcase it brilliantly in The Leadership Challenge. It’s hard to think of a book that has had more of an influence on my own writing, as well as my own practice advising corporate boards on CEO succession, than this landmark book. Although I could continue gushing for pages about the contributions that Jim and Barry have made to the field of leadership, I can boil down my thoughts into just two words: thank you!”

—Jeffrey Cohn, coauthor, Why Are We Bad at Picking Good Leaders?

“Nobody knows leadership better than Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner. They use real, current, and practical illustrations of what leadership looks like and then demon- strate how to improve its practice. A must-read for every leader, The Leadership Challenge should be a part of every entrepreneur and intrapreneur’s business plan!”

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Dianna Booher, author, Creating Personal Presence
Dianna Booher, author, Creating Personal Presence

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