Depression Menopausal symptoms

Depression Menopausal symptoms

St. John’s wort for treating mild to moderate depression

•  Six botanicals—black cohosh, red clover, dong quai root, ginseng, kava, and soy

• Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), a dietary supplement • Exercise • Paced respiration • Health education • Dietary supplements

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2. Curanderismo. This traditional Hispanic (Mexican) system of HEALTH care originated in Spain and is derived, in part, from tradi- tional practices of indigenous Indian and Spanish HEALTH practices.

3. Qi gong. This form of Chinese traditional medicine combines move- ment, meditation, and regulation of breathing to enhance the flow of qi (the vital energy), improve circulation, and enhance the immune system.

4. Reiki. This Japanese form of therapy is based on the belief that, when spiritual energy is channeled through a practitioner, the patient’s spirit is healed, in turn healing the physical body.

5. Santeria. This form of traditional HEALTH care is observed among the practitioners of a syncretic religion that comprises both African and Catholic beliefs, also called Santeria. This religion is practiced among Puerto Ricans and Dominicans.

6. Voodoo. This form of traditional HEALTH care is observed among the practitioners of a religion that is a combination of Christian and African Yoruba religious beliefs, called Voodoo.

The use of alternative therapies is growing rapidly. Astin (1998) reported that three theories have been offered to explain why people seek alternative care:

1. Dissatisfaction. Patients are not satisfied with allopathic care be- cause it is seen as ineffective, it produces adverse effects, or it is im- personal, too costly, or too technological.

2. Need for personal control. The providers of alternative therapies are less authoritarian and more empowering, as they offer the patient the opportunity to have autonomy and control in their health care decisions.

Table 5–5 Selected Remedies Studied by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

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