Deciding which markets to enter

Deciding which markets to enter

Part ii Deciding which markets to enter

Part video case study embraer business Jets

Brazil World ✓

Case study II.1 bajaj auto The Indian motorcycle manufacturer internationalizes its business

India Emerging countries

✓ ✓

Case study II.2 the female Health Company (fHC) The female condom is seeking a foothold in the world market for contraceptive products

US World (governmental organizations)

✓ ✓

Case study II.3 Gerolsteiner A German bottled water manufacturer is trying to increase its global market share

Tyskland Europe ✓ ✓

Case study II.4 Porsche International market selection (IMS) for the exclusive sports car brand

US (Denmark)

World ✓ ✓

Part iii market entry strategies

Part video case study müller Yogurts;

Germany USA ✓ ✓

Case study III.1 raleigh bicycles Does the iconic bicycle brand still have a chance on the world market?

UK World ✓ ✓

Case study III.2 ikea Expanding through franchising to the South American market?

Sweden, Holland

South America (Brazil)

table 2 Part case studies: overview


Part Case study title, subtitle and related websites

Country/area of company headquarters

Geographical target area

target market

b2b b2C

Case study III.3 autoliv airbags Transforming Autoliv into a global company

Sweden, US

World ✓

Case study III.4 imaX Corporation Globalization of the film business

Canada World ✓ ✓

Part iV Designing the global marketing programme

Part video case study tequila avion

USA World ✓

Case study IV.1 absolut Vodka Defending and attacking for a better position in the global vodka market

France, Sweden

World, Eastern Europe

Case study IV.2 Guinness How can the iconic Irish beer brand compensate for declining sales in the home market?

UK, Ireland World ✓ ✓

Case study IV.3 Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Shifting from domestic to international marketing with the famous bagless vacuum cleaner

UK US, the rest of the world

✓ ✓

Case study IV.4 triumph motorcycles ltd Rising from the ashes in the international motorcycle business

UK World ✓

Part V implementing and coordinating the global marketing programme

Part video case study Stella & Dot

USA World ✓ ✓

Case study V.1 Sony music entertainment New worldwide organizational structure and the marketing, planning and budgeting of Pink’s new album

US, Japan World ✓ ✓

Case study V.2 red bull The global market leader in energy drinks is considering further market expansion

Austria World ✓ ✓

Case study V.3 tetra Pak How to create B2B relationships with the food industry on a global level

Holland World ✓

Case study V.4 Polaroid eyewear Can the iconic brand achieve a comeback in the global sunglasses industry?

Switzerland, Italy

World ✓

table 2 Continued

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