Cultural Heritage and History

Cultural Heritage and History ■ 33

Table 2–3 Selected Seminal Sociocultural Events of the Past 75 Years, Workplace Ethos, Lifestyle, and Social Values


Seminal Events

Workplace Ethos


Social Values

The Silent Generation

The Great Depression

Traditional work ethic

Work first Community service

WWII Employer loyalty Conformist Vote b. 1928–1945 Hiroshima Born to lead Expect to lead Family first 10:* 1938–1955 World’s first

electronic computer assembled

Conventional Believe in mission

Care for religion Buy decent home

The Baby Boomers

Television— I Love Lucy

Money/work Work/play hard Reluctant community service

Expect to lead Religion acceptable

Vote only if convenient

b. 1946–1964 What do others think?

Buy most house you can

Family and friends

TV dinners Lip service to mission

10: 1956–1974 Elvis Presley Marilyn Monroe Rosa Parks Sputnik

Generation X Kent State Money/principle Work/play hard I do not give Watergate Lead and follow Religion a

hobby Vote if you want to

Nixon resigned

Independent and care what others think

Do I need a house?

Family and friends

b. 1965–1980 Vietnam Memorial Wall

Care about mission

HIV/AIDS epidemic

Principle/ satisfaction

Work hard if it does not interfere

May donate

Challenger explosion

Lifestyle first What is religion?

Vote privately

10: 1975–1990 Loyal to skills Gentrify inner city

Friends are family

Must have mission Individual first


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