Concept Notebook

Name: Concept:
Course: Activity:
Faculty Facilitator: Date & Time of ELA in MST:

Concept Notebook


Please fill in all of the information above.

All Concept Notebooks must be completed in your own words. Please do not use any direct quotes. Any time you use a source to help write your narratives or collect information, use an in-text citation per APA guidelines. All references must also be listed below.

ANY plagiarism issues noted will result in a 0 grade. The assignment will need to be redone for the ability to pass the course, but your score will remain a 0.

If you have previously done a Concept Notebook on this concept from another course, you do not need to include that information here. All content should be new with a thorough explanation of how this concept relates to your client chosen from this Experiential Learning Activity.

You will have 48 hours from the time your Experiential Learning Activity ends to complete this assignment. Please note that any late submissions will result in a 0 grade per the Experiential Learning Late Policy.

This will also serve as a study aide for you as you continue through the program, study for the HESI and NCLEX exams.

Client (virtual or living) background: Please tell us a little about the client you cared for today, either virtual or living. For living clients, no personal identifying information needed.



Related concepts (explain): Related exemplars:







Related Assessments (explain): Related Lab & Diagnostic Test (explain): Related Nursing Interventions (explain):



Related Medications (explain): Potential Complications (explain): Collaborative Care (explain):



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