Chicano Movement and United Frameworks

Chicano Movement and United Frameworks’

The Hispania have had a tough time since their colonization by Spain who took the resources of the region but never invested in the people making the region remain in poverty. The region also has continued political instability due to vast corruption and the prevalence of drug cartels in the region. Most of the ancestors of the community entered the US in the 1910s when there was a Mexican Revolution in Mexico. Immigration was not a big problem then. Another large group immigrated to the US during the big depression after World War II where the government allowed them to enter to provide labor in the agricultural sector albeit on short-term contracts. While in the US, the Hispanic and Latino communities have faced discrimination and other struggles which necessitated the rise of civil rights movements within their communities such as the Chicano Movement and United Frameworks which advocated for the community to get political rights such as voting, migrant frameworks, and advocated for better health and working reforms for the population. The community has faced struggles since coming into the country such as punishments for children talking in Spanish in schools, job discrimination, and segregation. The senior citizens who had entered the US in the early 20 th century nearly lost their Medicaid/Medicare covers under the 1996 Welfare Reforms Legislation since most of them did not apply for Citizenship ( Johnson & Farquharson, 2019) . Being discriminated against and segregated has impacted the community by some of them turning into illegal means to sustain their lives.

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