Challenge is the opportunity for greatness.

Challenge is the opportunity for greatness.

People do their best when there’s the chance to change the way things are. Maintaining the status quo simply breeds mediocrity.

Leaders seek and accept challenging opportunities to test their

abilities. They motivate others as well to exceed their self-

perceived limits. They seize initiative and make something

meaningful happen. Leaders treat every assignment as an


Most innovations do not come from leaders—they come

from the people closest to the work. They also come from

outsight. Exemplary leaders look for good ideas everywhere.

They promote external communication. They listen, take

advice, and learn.

Progress is not made in giant leaps; it’s made incre-

mentally. Exemplary leaders move forward in small steps with

little victories. They turn adversity into advantage, setbacks

into successes. They persevere with grit and determination.

Leaders venture out. They test and they take risks with

bold ideas. And because risk-taking involves mistakes and

failure, leaders accept the inevitable disappointments and

treat them as opportunities for learning and growth.

In the next two chapters, we will see how you must

• Search for Opportunities by seizing the

initiative and looking outward for innovative

ways to improve.

• Experiment and Take Risks by constantly

generating small wins

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