Birth-Related Religious Rituals

Birth-Related Religious Rituals

Religion Practice Time Method

Baptist (27 bodies) Baptism Older child Immersion Church of Christ Baptism 8 years Immersion Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons)

Baptism 8 years or older Immersion

Eastern Orthodox Baptism Infants Total immersion Episcopalian Baptism Infant Friends (Quaker) No baptism Named Greek Orthodox Baptism 40 days Sprinkle or

immersion Islam Circumcision Seventh day Jewish Circumcision Eighth day Lutheran Baptism 6–8 weeks Pouring, sprinkling,

immersion Methodist Baptism Childhood Pentecostal Baptism Age of

accountability Roman Catholic Baptism Infant Pour water Russian Orthodox Baptism Infant Immerse 3 times Unitarian Baptism Infant

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