Attitude formation and change

Attitude formation and change

analyze each of the advertisements in detail by using the following concepts in consumer psychology and buyer behavior

1) Consumer learning (1.5 pages)

2) Attitude formation and change (1.5 pages)

3) Social and cultural Settings (1.5 pages)

4) Summarize the advertising strategy used for this product (1 page)

5)Suggest how to improve the advertisements based on the concepts in consumer psychology and buyer behavior (1 page)


1st commercial: Budweiser 2018 Super Bowl Commercial | “Stand By You”

2nd commercial:Budweiser TV Commercial, ‘A Moment Worth Celebrating’


Write each concept separately!! Each Concept should only related to the its chapter. The book we use is Consumer Behavior(12th edition), Leon G. Schiffman and Joseph Wisenblit.


Just analyse two ads, do not need to write introduction or conclusion.

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