Afghanistan Iraq Hurricane Katrina

Afghanistan Iraq Hurricane Katrina

*Generational names are the inherent work of popular culture. The names are derived from 1. a historic event, 2. rapid social or demographic change, or 3. a turn in the calendar. “10” marks the decade when a person turns 10. This is the decade (10–19 years of age) that influences a person’s socio/cultural identity.

Sources: Taylor, P. and Keeter, S. (2010). MILLENNIALS A protrait of generation next: Confident. Connnected. Open to change. PEW RESEARCH CENTER.; Hicks, R., & Hicks, K. (1999). Boomers, Xers, and other strangers. Wheaton, IL: Tyndale House; Jennings, P. (1998). The century. Copyright 1998 by ABC Television.

Cultural Heritage and History ■ 35

and estimates of the wages paid to them. Self-employed persons are not included in the estimates.

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