A common understanding of values emerges when leaders engage their constituents by?

11- A common understanding of values emerges when leaders engage their constituents by?

a-Engaging in dialogue about values
b-Pronouncing the values


c-Demonstrating the values without discussion
d-Allowing them to focus on their own values


12- In order to become an exemplary role model by setting the example you must:

a-Live the shared values and teach other to model the values
b-Clarify your values and build consensuses


c-Find your voice and inspire a shared vision
d-Focus on the values of others and incorporate them into organization


13-How you spend your ________ is the single clearest indicator of what’s important to you?





14- Being a credible leader means you have to _______ the values





15- A means of increasing support for a decision can be accomplished by

a-Communicating with upper management
b-Having the shared values of the organization prominently displayed


c-Asking others what they think
d-Focusing energy on convincing others to model the leaders shared values


16- Which item below does not assist in providing good feedback

b-Being specific


c-Focused on behavior


17- Setting the example from a role modeling standpoint should come from the leader and not from everyone else in the organization? True/False



18- _______present opportunities for leaders to teach important lessons about appropriate norms and behaviors within the organization

a-Critical Incidents
b-Inspiring a Shared Vision


c-Enlisting Others
d-Failing to Make Changes



e-All of the Above



19- Parting ways with how things have always been done and taking on the challenge of doing things in an innovative way and becoming a trailblazer is an example of?

a-Challenging Those to Remain Complacent
b-Challenging status Quo


c-Maintaining Tradition
d-Maintaining Status



20- Being ___________ is shown to be associated with being an effective leader when being assessed by immediate managers






21- The research from the authors shows that people do their best when they are

a-Internally Motivated
b-Externally Motivated


c-Outwardly Motivated
d-Visibly Motivated



22- Treating everyday as if it were your first day on the job is an example of what?

a-Searching for Opportunities
b-Effective Listening


c-Fixed Minset
d-Effective Communication



23- Qualities of a great leader include being able to manage their own emotions as well as others they work with. True or False?






24- Looking in the past can be helpful in:

a-Identifying the patterns, themes, and beliefs
b-Seeing and understanding what is important to clarify values


c-Introspect into why you are on a current path
d-All of the above



25-Attending to the future can help make sharing values, understanding others, and uniting everyone much easier. True or False?


26- Forward looking should not be confused with meeting _____________ (short answer).


27- Listening deeply to others assists leaders in validating team members’ beliefs and values. True or False?


28-What is the best thing to do in times of rapid change?

a-Look forward
b-Clarify the Vision


c-Both a and b
d-None of these



29- Being a leader is not about imposing our visions, it is about gathering the visions of people and awakening their ability to believe they can achieve something great. True or False?


30- As a leader why might it be helpful to point out each person’s uniqueness and individual differences? (Minimum 5 sentences).


31- Which is important when it comes to aligning your dreams with the people’s dream?

a-Speak about meaning and purpose
b-Show them how their dreams will be realized


c-Connect your message to their values, their aspirations, their experiences, and their own lives.
d-Show them that it is not about you (the leader) or the organization, but about them and their needs.



e-All of the above







32- Language that is used in influencing people’s behavior is known as

b-Positive communication


d-Symbolic Language



33- Language that evokes positive feelings in those around you is known as

a-Symbolic language


c-Positive Communication
d-Speaking Genuinely



34-if you don’t believe in the __________  , you won’t believe the______________   .


35- What have you found to be most helpful related to the readings? (Minimum of 5 sentences).


36- How can you best relate the readings to your intended field of study? (Minimum of 5 sentences)


37- The leader of an organization states “What separates US from THEM is the fact that we do things differently and more efficiently.” What leadership principle of enlisting others is the leader operating from?

a-Persuading Others
b-Taking Pride in being Unique


c-Practicing Positive Communication
d-Expressing Emotions



38- When we are utilizing the Search for opportunities principles, the authors say we should treat every experience like a(n) ____________.

b-New experience





39- When we are challenging others we must do so with a _____________.

a-Hidden agenda


c-Just for fun!
d-benefit for ourselves



40- From what you have read thus far, describe something you learned from the readings that either surprised you or challenged you in any way? How does this new information inform your leadership practices moving forward? (Minimum of 5 sentences).

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A common understanding of values emerges when leaders engage their constituents by?
A common understanding of values emerges when leaders engage their constituents by?

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